Offenders as far as chemicals found in plastics

Also commonly found lurking in our kitchens is a chemical called bisphenol-A, which is found in hard plastics such as baby bottles, drinking water bottles, and our ever popular storage containers. Use glass containers to store food, especially acidic foods. Phthalates are chemicals that are added to the PVC to make it soft and pliable. Never wash plastics in a dishwasher or use harsh detergents on the plastic. Even if this ban is put into law, more than city-wide bans are needed. So why in the world do we still allow these toxic plastics in our kitchens, food containers and drink containers?

In the United States, the City of San Francisco is attempting to ban bisphenol-A and some phthalates. These chemicals are winding up in our bodies where they accumulated and are implicated in many of our modern health problems. From plastic utensils, plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic containers, plastic wrap and more, they have become an indispensible part of our life. Avoid the use of paper plates, plastic silverware and plastic cups..

Two of the worst offenders as far as chemicals found in plastics are PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is found everywhere!

Here are some tips on how to reduce your exposure to the toxic chemicals found in plastics. It must be a global issue. These chemicals are also being detected in our unborn children. The PVC pipes that carry your water are an example of this hard type plastic.

5. Use metal instead. Most of these products contain phthalates.

Every bit of these plastics are made with chemicals, and China Pallet Strapping Machines Manufacturers these chemicals are leaching out into our food and into our drinks. You shouldn’t be using Teflon coated cookware, so the scratching issue is non arguable!

7. One of the commissioners of this Union, was quoted as saying "Toxic chemicals have no place in children’s toys". Any container that has the "3" in the recycling triangle on the bottom should be eliminated from your kitchen.

On the other hand, why do we need to wait until our governments wade through the red tape to get these toxic chemicals out of our lives? We can take measures ourselves to make our kitchens and homes plastic free.

It will only take a little effort on our part and a little thought to have a healthier, safer home.
1. Switch to glass or stainless steel drinking containers instead of plastic.

In 3005, the European Union put a ban on using chemicals such as phthalates and others, in children’s toys. These phthalates are the most common toxic substance found in the body. A lawsuit is delaying the implementation of this ban. Even though they are labeled "microwave safe". Avoid plastic cooking utensils.

8. bisphenol-A or BPA is one of the top 50 chemicals produced today. Foods should never be heated in plastic container. Eliminate of severely reduce the amount of plastic wrap that you use. Even our appliances have many plastic parts. Hand wash only.

All our kitchens are full of plastics.

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